Kolelinio, when flying into the city is not only science fiction…

We live in a strange world! Nowadays the technological achievements are great, but at the same time the means of conveyance evolve extremely slow. We drive vehicles that are about 20 times heavier than our bodies and we build expensive roads with heavy materials. We are all waiting to run out of petroleum and then to live in a cleaner world, but this won’t happen soon!
What if we change the streets in the city center with taut wires? What if our vehicles are compact enough to carry them with us as a bag?

Kolelinio is a concept for creating a completely new weightless layer for transportation on a higher level, based on steel wires and compact individual transportation electric devices. Kolelinio system is a low-cost solution, the individual backpack device has very simple construction and it consumes a little energy. The line changes heights based on the ground condition. For instance, in a dense traffic zone, the line is elevated quite high off the ground and it returns to the ground level after bypassing the crowded intersections.

The project was officially presented at the TEDx conference in Thessaloniki 2010

kolelinio by martin angelov

Design Lab Kolelinia is a group of young people dedicated to searching for alternative transport systems. We live in a dynamic time of technological leaps, but at the same time the means of transport fail to keep up. We miss the joy of travel, the human scale and the variety. We believe there is a great potential for smarter vehicles both human-powered and electric ones and we are committed to prove it!